Flexible Solutions

We have many solutions for your cafe/restaurant

On HangPopok Mobile Printer

Sell and print on a hand-holding machine [More]

Sell Convenient phone/tablet

Sell on your own android phone/ tablet with Bluetooth printer [More]

Sell on traditional laptop/ POS Set

Sell on your laptop/computer with USB/LAN Printer [More]

Mini All-in-One Solution

Professional Industrial Hardware

  • Popular Brand with warrantee 1 change 1 within first month if hardware issue
  • Excellent Battery 2-3 days (~average 40 bills/day)
  • Fast and Sensitive capacitive touch screen
  • Fast and modern native Android App

Powerful Native Android App

  • Open and Manage many branches in one website easily
  • Membership Promotions to attract customer
  • Sell Online/Offline
  • Deduct stock admin can see IMMEDIATELY anywhere, anytime
  • Suitable for small coffee, kiosk, market, event, etc..

Use on your phone/tablet

  • Connect to many POS equipments e.g Bluetooth/LAN Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer.
  • Best fit on Android Smartphone/Tablet
  • Many devices sell together
  • Fit for shops like quick print receipt for pub, bookshop, cafe, phone shop

Cloud POS Set Machine

  • Flexible Cloud System that can run on your laptop/desktop you are having
  • Our Picked HangPopok Cloud Hardware designed for small cafe/restaurant with affordable price/stable
  • Owner can see sale IMMEDIATELY just like using facebook
  • No worry about broken machine/no internet. Data is stored on the cloud and setup is easy without losing data

Growth with your business

Start small, grow big

  • Connect with professional cashier POS System as your restaurant/cafe expand
  • Connect with many professional POS Equipments like Buzzer, Customer Display, Dual Screen, etc..


With 10 years+ exp in Local POS, we know Cloud is the future
Report on hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, revenue and profit
Easy to use Support both Khmer/English language
Manage stocks in many branches
Prevent Cashier Cheating

Benefits Of True Cloud Solution

Using true cloud solution, you will always get benefits that you can't find anywhere else
Support Online Quickly
Free Maintenance
Lifetime Software warranty
Always updated new, modern features

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