Easy to check which room is available. Alert to your phone when there is customer check in

No more paper check which takes a lot of time. With Hangpopok POS System, you can check which room is available to assign customer in easily by just looking on the screen.

Furthermore, if you are not at your guesthouse, the system will send an alert to your phone whenever there is customer check in. It helps you to monitor your guesthouse closely and no one can cheat you

Manage customer check in and check out time

There is some guesthouse in which customer can choose to stay a few hours or a few days or a few months. If you are using pen and paper, it is quite hard to keep track of a paper that has a lot of writing on one room. With Hangpopok POS System, we display check in and estimated check out time on each room. This can help receptionists inform for new customer immediately when they want to check in but the rooms are full

Record customer information on each room

The information of customer check in on each room like their name, phone number or their payment status shall be displayed on each room help their staffs to serve customer easier

Ability to set room status

In a guesthouse, there might be some rooms that need to be repaired or cleaned. IN Hangpopok POS Cloud System, we help you choose the status of each room easily. This is one of the powerful tool that might help you manage the guesthouse and serve your customer better.

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