Even Family Shops Can Use

Worry that you have just a family shop and there is no suitable software for you? That's why we are here

Familiar with writing on notebook/paper?

You can still use it with HangPopok. Just input your writing to system when you have time and we will calculate profit day by day, month by month. No complain. We also keep stock, manage customer's debt for those who concern

Investment cost = 0. Just use your existing SmartPhone

No computer, no barcode, no complicated process. Everyone has smartphone so you don’t have to buy complicated and expensive equipments to support your sales. Why not just use what you have. It's Super Efficient!

Is it hard to use? As easy as using Facebook

We understand supermarket-like POS system is too complicated for normal user to use that’s why we want to build a POS Tool that can be used as easy as facebook 

Only from 1000 riels/day

Pay only when you use. Discount when you pay more than 12 months!

What HangPopok helps

Worry that you have just a family shop and there is no suitable software for you? That's why we are here

Check Profit On Your Smartphone Visually

Go to province and wonder how your staff is selling today? Pull your smartphone and see. Or want to check how much your wholesale customer owing you? They are on your smartphone. 

Motivate your staffs by giving commission on their sale

How about giving 5% on the revenue a staff bring to your shop. They will have motivation to serve your customer best

Making sure your staff take care of your shop

If you don’t have any tool to manage your stock, your staff will be less responsible for it. You don’t have to do complicated process, just monthly checking some categories are more than enough

Do you have wholesale customer? HangPopok can manage debt for you!

No more messy debt book, we have a clean and easy tool to follow up your customer

"Using HangPopok helps me to know daily profits and more than that my staff has motivation to sell more!"


HangPopok runs on every device you have

Okay, HangPopok sounds fit us. What should I do now?

Write down some products on paper and send it to us via our Facebook Messenger Page/Line/Viber. We will setup in 5 minutes

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